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It's a very interesting question. I feel like, of the choices you provided, combining the first route and the 3rd route would be most effective. But, I also agree that writing things twice does tend to be a bit redundant. Having faced a conundrum such as this in my own writing, the third method might be easiest to use completely, if you actually speak ...


You're 95% of the way there; you have good instincts for what's readable. • For your first example, I'd try to put as much of the logistics of translation into narration as I could manage. After a bit, the reader will understand that Sally is acting as the intermediate. "I feel like I've seen you before," said Shintaro. "What did he say?" asked ...


Maybe just black? Probably not helpful, so here's more. Coal Black Can't - see - A - thing Black. Hope this helped! (Probably not)

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