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Assuming you are self-publishing and have full control over the actual cover, then absolutely! When you have your cover designed, you can determine the layout, font, positioning, or any other factor that you want. Regardless of whether you go through Amazon, Nook, Kobo, or any other, they will generally accept your cover without any input on how it is ...


The clarifier you want is "respectively." It's fine in running copy, or even as a caption, but clunks as a header. Comparison of egocentric camera against static camera and dense sensor placement, respectively For a headline, you might try emphasizing the idea that there are two comparisons with some redundancy: Comparisons of Egocentric Camera ...


"Here, we see that the egocentric camera is being compared with either the static camera or the dense sensor placement." You can also add "Please note that this is not a comparison between the static camera and dense sensor placement. Such a comparison is inappropriate because ..."

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