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Im tempted with The true and false of Boolean Variables... There is nothing !true about this. When you can't tell your true from your not-so-false The universal !false!


Depends on how formal or informal the technical writing is and whether the target audience is beginner's or advanced. A more specific and accurate chapter would be ideal. "Ins and Outs" is too vague.


An informal, jokey title is perfectly appropriate. This is especially true if, as I surmise, you're writing a progrmming manual of some sort. Computer science is a pretty informal field, after all. It's almost expected. The title isn't very eye-catching, but it's a common enough turn of phrase and there's nothing wrong with it, as such.


It's not that it's unsuitable, but the word play of "Ins and Outs" isn't very well matched with the subject of "Boolean Variables." "Ins and Outs" sounds like it's more about GPIO pins. I'd be tempted to do something like; "If This_Chapter == About_Boolean_Variables {Read}" ;)


If the poem is that famous, it's probably out of copyright. So you can pilfer that, as long as you don't get into trademark issues. Anything by Shakespeare or some other long-dead author is fair game. Traditional poems, like Mother Goose rhymes, would also be fair game. However, famous old works like that present you with another problem: probably lots ...


I, too, am not a lawyer, so cannot give you advice. I can, however, tell you how I think I would act in your circumstances, as I understand them. My understanding of copyright protection is that it does not protect every word or line in a work; it protects only significant portions of a work. As such, I can quote a work verbatim without compensating the ...

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