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I was just now looking for the same thing and came across this tool that worked for me: http://www.adazing.com/book-title-generator/


Technically, you shouldn't need to purchase an ISBN at all, unless you are planning to publish the book yourself, including the printing. If the only reason you are even considering it is in the hopes of protecting your title, then an ISBN won't even do that for you. In that instance, the only benefit of an ISBN would be in helping libraries or other sources ...


You HAVE to get an ISBN before you publish. The ISBN is printed on the cover of the book. The printer has to know what it is before they can print copies. The only question is HOW LONG before you publish. In practice, you probably will spend at least a few weeks, and maybe months, getting the layout and cover design nailed down, reviewing proof copies and ...


In the US, the ISBN registrar Bowker allows changing the title. Their FAQ does not say anything about the ramifications of doing that. If you got the ISBN from someone else, ask whoever assigned the ISBN to your book. Once you assign an ISBN, your registrar will distribute the information, e.g. to Books In Print. So there my be catalogs with the old title, ...

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