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When it comes to writing, you should not try to portray things as you have seen them so, because it would not make the readers interested in it if the things you describe is not special or unusual ones. Whether you go to the places are special or not, The writing can make the them special. Or you should show the readers how did you see,feel about that and ...


"how to cleanly change time scale and avoid making a somewhat jarring break in temporal continuity?" Gradually. You are allowed to suddenly shift speed of passage of time only at * * * section breaks. The speed of passage of time between paragraphs must be gradual, at least one paragraph per speed. Paragraph of second-by-second, paragraph of few ...


You might intersperse your travel with the basic history and geography of Belize (the interesting parts). Pretend you (in your story) are reading a book about Belize, and skipping to the juicy bits.


Start the story with where it is interesting. It's not necessary to know that you checked your luggage, showed your passport, and got a seat on the plane. All readers know that stuff happened. So tell if it the telling adds to the story, and skip if it doesn't. My guess is that the decision to go to Belize is probably interesting, so you might want to start ...

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