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The trick is to keep everything in past tense except the word now. This is how it's done in published books. Ancestor by Scott Sigler: On the screen, a man crawled across the floor, leaving behind him a glistening trail of puss, blood and other fluids Chapman didn't want to think about. The man's once-white lab coat was now wet-pink, clinging to his ...


I think your sentences are fine. Readers understand that "now" refers to the present in the story's time.


Novice here.. but what about. A simple way ( but could be missed by reader.) Make everything present and then push the present again in the last sentence.. Using 'is' and dropping 'had' Rayanne found out she was pregnant shortly before she got sick. She is five months pregnant. Another way is to be declarative and obvious. I changed to 6 months for ...

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