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If you want a book to look like O'Reilly books, perhaps try DockBook, a system developed by that publisher.


LaTeX is the way to go. MS Word has improved a lot since the beginning (at least, so I'v been told, because I personally don't use it), but for equations and few other things (e.g. microkerning) it cannot compete with LaTeX. Adobe InDesign is more for professional typographers than writers. Typically publishers of technical books provide to their authors ...


The first thing you need to be aware of is what your target audience is. A professional software developer already knows how to make your PC faster by installing the right device drivers, while a home user can't get much out of reading your in-depth analysis of Clang vs. GCC. An IT manager doesn't want to know which is the best graphic card for playing ...


If I remember correctly, The Pragmatic Programmer specifically describes in the book how they built their writing system to make the code extract-able and executable.

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