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Don't use pronouns: The user chooses a password, and then he types it in the text box. ...becomes: User chooses password, types it [or "password"] in text box. "They" is the next best thing in English. Finally: given that this example actually has 2 steps, consider splitting text into smaller steps: User chooses password. User types password ...


Etherpad. It has Commenting PLUS change proposals PLUS attribution Output as plaintext (even better than Markdown for the workflow) Collaboration in realtime with color coding Minimal WYSIWYG A local installation for security


I'd probably write it something like this: The proposed method uses 4 variables, 2 more than method A and one more than method B. This gives a more accurate result, but it requires more computational time.


You should refer to it as Figure 3. For the purposes of the text, the diagram is the part that counts. The caption and anything else are information that augments the diagram.

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