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Windows will already do this for you if you just turn on the search contents option. -Open any folder -Go to Tools / Folder Options -Select the Search Tab -Check the radio button for Always search file names and contents. The search will take longer than normal and the results aren't going to be really beautiful, but it'll give you what you want. If ...


I use Evernote and MS One Note for all of my writing work. You can make separate/unlimited notebooks for everything, save web pages and items from the web. You are also able to search all your text in both. You are able to make audio files in both that you are also able to search. In Evernote, you are able to create tags for all of your work that makes ...


Etherpad. It has Commenting PLUS change proposals PLUS attribution Output as plaintext (even better than Markdown for the workflow) Collaboration in realtime with color coding Minimal WYSIWYG A local installation for security

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