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I would counter that it is only possible to find your own voice, make your own way if you accept the element of isolation that is essential to the writing process. Yes, you may take a class, join a group, find a wonderful mentor. In the end, it will be you and the world, and how that intersection expresses itself in words that will vault you into the task. ...


Two possible answers from my own past... Consider joining an online writing circle. I was a part of FMWriters for several years and got a ton of great feedback from the small samples and short stories which I shared on the site. If you join them, try to get into a private writing circle in your chosen genre. The open forums are wonderful, providing ...


This is an interesting question -- kind of the holy grail of "learning to write". The question is : Is it possible to learn to write better on your own? I believe it can be. Learn the Basics From Books Learn the basics from writing books. My all-time, knock-down, marooned-on-a-deserted-island favorite is: Make Your Words Work by Gary Provost. Learn the ...


In English you "turn the page" to go to the next page in a book, and you "turn back the page" to go to the previous page. In your situation, you might write something like: I completed the sentence and turned the page. I realized I had missed something and turned back the page.

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