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Neil Fein wrote: "POD publishers are the very bottom of the "publishing prestige" ranking, and as you can personally attest, most of them aim at authors too bad to get accepted by "traditional" publishers." Thank you for your glowing endorsement of my writing abilities. What are some of your publications? - I have not come across any yet. "You were ...


Neil Fein wrote: "If you'd like, we can undo this and incorporate your additional comments into that answer; let me know" No I don't like, Neil. If this is the way you treat new members on their first post, then this is not a site I wish to be associated with. I am an author and yours is only one of the English language sites or forums I have come across, ...


One: As What says, I would look for names of people of the appropriate sex, nationality, and historical era. For contemporary people, there are plenty of baby name books and the like, both in print and on the web. For an historical novel, I'd look for names of people from that era in discussions of the history of that place and time. Two: Next, you have to ...


Finding the name for you is not what this site is about. Instead I'll tell you how I would find that name. First, based on the person's character and other traits, as well as his role in the story, I would chose a nationality. Having limited my choices to names from a certain language, I would then go through lists of names of historical persons: ...


A quick Google search turned up this list of 19 short story competitions. Here's another list of short story competitions, sorted by deadline.


Glimmer Train offers a few different types of short story contests regularly and one especially for new authors. http://www.glimmertrain.com/writguid1.html


In my perception, The New Yorker continues to be the pinnacle of literary prestige, at least for an American audience.

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