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I don't have experience with that site, but you might want to try looking at Fiverr to see if anyone offering to make covers there seems appropriate. While everything on Fiverr starts at $5 you will likely want a package that costs a bit more. There are multiple folks there who do covers, so explore and see if you find some one you want to work on your cover,...


If you have no Twitter account yet, I highly recommend it. There are a lot of organizations that use twitter to promote products, and one of the companies I follow is freemykindle on Twitter, as well as other Twitter accounts that help promote authors. Freemykindle specializes in advertising free, or really cheap E-books, and has 1342 followers.


The form for filing copyright has fields for both "Author" (the person whose name is on the work) and "Copyright Claimant" (the person who is claiming the copyright). Under Author, there is an option to check "Pseudonymous" to indicate that the Author is a pen name. If the Copyright Claimant and the Author are different names, there is space on the form to ...

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