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Okay, you cannot spend any money on books and there is no library nearby. So how can you learn as much as possible about writing for animated movies? Let's start with books, nevertheless. You'll see why. Here is the Amazon page for a book about writing for Animation: http://www.amazon.com/How-Write-Animation-Jeffrey-Scott/dp/1585672408 If you look at that ...


Cartoons tend to rely more heavily on visual gags which makes storyboarding more important. Also as you don't rely on the actor for visuals (although they are increasingly being used for this) storyboarding is more important. These are the only differences. In either media you can script then storyboard, storyboard then script, script and storyboard at the ...


IMO: A script is verbal language only. It's WHAT is said. The screenplay is HOW the script is said. It's all the things that lend to how a script plays out on screen, from location to mood to staging and lighting.

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