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The explanation I loved most is from Terry Prachett's "Discoworld" universe. Magnetism: "See this metal? It is special kind of metal which is loved by all other metals. So when other metals are around, they are atracted to it." Electricity: "I finally bound the lighting to the metal and can produce my own small lightnings." So, if you want your character ...


I'm not entirely sure what you are aiming for here, but it sounds like you need people in an ancient culture to refer to electricity and magnetism without actually using those words. Describe the effects. Is the piece of metal moving? The reader will probably come up with magnetism. Is there a spark? The reader will probably guess electricity. If this is ...


M.Y.T.H. Inc. comes to mind, and possibly Dinotopia. H.P. Lovecraft's work, while more focused on horror, contains elements of both fantasy and science.

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