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I highly suggest you do nothing. A) is a very bad idea - it will tarnish your reputation as argumentative and rude. C) could easily be construed as doing A) -- even with the best intentions, someone could take it out of context -- so it's also best to avoid that. As for if my answer would change for a different type of novel, definitely no. This is good ...


1) Leave comments: There are many film review blogs. Comment under their reviews. Like: "Interestingly, we have really different view on quality of the movie. some detail from your review" Btw, The comments should be on topic, interesting and not bragging ones. Everyone hates "hey, visit my awesome blog!" comment 2) Do giveaways and promos Do you have ...


I'm going to add some things to the already great answer given by Pavel above. 1) Have a Twitter box and Facebook box. I want to follow you on Twitter or like you on Facebook, but you're not doing anything to help me. I have to search for your Twitter handle on Google and for most people that's just cumbersome. I can't even get to your Facebook page btw. ...


I paid to have my book reviewed by Kirkus Reviews. It was a terrible, expensive mistake on my part. I am almost positive the reviewer did not even read my book, but scanned it quickly, making sure the ending was mentioned, just to make it look like they did read the book. Not one important fact about its contents was mentioned. Not one! Also a reviewer ...


I wanted to write what Nicole wrote, but she already did (+1), so I'm going to write something else. A productive – as in facilitating – response to a negative review is to try your best and forget for a moment that you are in love with your own work (because it is the materialization of what a beautiful and wonderful person you are), and instead take your ...


I'm not aware of any way to do this. Sorry, it's kind of a lame answer, but I think it's the truth.


I've been using Scribophile for some time (a website where you can post your work and receive feedback). Like you, I'm non-native English speaker, and the people there don't seem to care. They also give very good suggestions. Maybe you should give it a try.


In my experience, a response always legitimizes a critique, so unless a) you have a policy of responding to all reviews, b) you yourself actually think the criticisms are legitimate, or c) the reviewer already has a position of legitimacy higher than yours (i.e. "Top Reviewer" status), responding is intrinsically counterproductive.

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