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Virginia Woolf : "A Room of One's Own" George Orwell : "Politics and The English Language," and "Why I Write."


Nothing can prepare you to write. It is a freefall. Allow yourself ONLY ONE outline, then start. Or just start. Consider this question as you start: "What does my protagonist want?" In the monomyth, the hero is called. The only reason this is relevant/interesting is because the hero wants to answer. The protagonist's desire, at every point in the story, ...


Well, I couldn't think of a book, but here is a pretty good web-page: http://www.writersworkshop.co.uk/PointsofViewinFiction.html I'm not the most experienced of writers, of course, but from my limited understanding I would say that POVs are a rather simple concept to grasp. The hard part is choosing which one you prefer to use in your writing style or in ...

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