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For color-to-name converter, a quick Google search gives me this link: http://chir.ag/projects/name-that-color/#C0C0C0 In which you can just pick a color from the color wheel to see its name. Perhaps the color you want is "Mercury" But, as Phillipp said, you might better explain the color in words more frequently used, instead of using some rather ...


I love the apps linked in the other answers, but I see a basic problem with this whole question. Let's try an experiment. Choose three color names that for you describe a very specific color. Now give these names to a few people and ask them to select all the colors that would fit that color term from this color chart: http://www.pantone-colours.com/ How ...


Here are two sites that you might want to check out: http://kodisha.net/color-names/?color=FF91A4 http://www.colorhexa.com/ff91a4


I would recommend you to describe the hair of that character as "white" or "grey". Maybe "silver" when you want to be a bit more lyrical, but that's the furthest I would go into detail about the haircolor. The artist of that image likely decided to put a tiny bit of yellow into the color-shade, because pure shades of grey generally look boring and sterile ...

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