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You can try to "rubber duck". Explain what you need to convey out loud to someone not in the know or even to a rubber ducky from the bathtub. Then write it down. When still unsure, wait a day and read it back to see if the text still makes sense. Keep at it, talk about it, it is a learn-able skill!


I don't know of a central place to do that. But you can make your interest known. In a blog post and other social media, tell your fans what subject you are researching and solicit their tips. Perhaps make your "tip line" posts a featured part of your blog. Of course, this reaches only your current fans, who may or may not have tips about your next ...


Journalists don't sit at home and wait for information to come to them. They talk to people. Finding the right people to talk to, and making them talk, is the specific skill of the journalist. Anyone can condense Google results into an article. There is even software that does that automatically. If you haven't yet learned the skill of reporting (that is, ...


There is a three part solution to your problem: Format -- there are some standard forms for business communication. A lot of what makes any communication seem more polite is just the inclusion of some standard niceties (please, thank you, etc) that can basically be cut and pasted from one email to the next. You should easily be able to find some books or ...

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