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As a rule using excerpts for critical or explanatory purposes is fair use. As long as the excerpts are fragmentary and clearly essential to your criticism you should be on solid ground. The main thing to avoid would be copying large or complete sections of the web sites or copying things which are irrelevant to your own material.


Publish it into one of the open access journals for research papers. Do some search, there are some alternatives. try to get into a peer-reviewed scholarly journal if possible. This could be important in your future if you want to go to graduate school and could greatly help your chances to get in.


How you structure your article will largely depend on who your readers are and what you would like them to learn from it. If your readers are people from the scientific community, then you would structure your article based on what new findings, discoveries or trends that your research has led you to. A title for this kind of article would be, "Bullying at ...

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