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Or you could write some nice sentiments along the bottom of pages in the middle of the book and not say anything so it's a surprise when they find them


How about something like: May you treasure memories past and look ahead to the bright promise of tomorrow.


You may end a quote with a question mark or exclamation point (and of course a comma) without completing a sentence. A grammar textbook or style manual will benefit your ongoing pursuits. THE CHICAGO MANUAL OF STYLE is a widely accepted resource and is what I use. You may end a quote with a period, but then you need a new idea to follow. You may also split a ...


No, the complete sentence includes the quote and the attribution: "That's what," he said. "...with a pound of grapes and nothing more," she said. "Where do you think you're going?" said Mother.


Format it the same way, with blockquote indents, and if you can add a little dialogue before and after, you don't have to worry about weird quote mark placement. Bilbo stood and cleared his throat. "I have a new poem for you all," he announced. "It goes thus:     All that is gold does not glitter,     Not all ...

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