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I too would recommend italics. Also, I'd avoiding single quotes as I find things can get a bit confusing if there are apostrophes in the material.


It's usually just a matter of style. I'd use italics, but it honestly doesn't matter (but you shouldn't use single quotation marks like that in the US, that's normally done in Britain). One example I have is with thoughts. Some use italics, some use quotes, and some write it like: I hate this, thought Bob. It's all just a matter of style.


Proper names get capitalized. Generic names don't. Federal Bureau of Sparkly Vampires Department of Redundancy Department Imperial Dogwalkers Consortium The Sacred Order of Turnip Twaddlers The Church of Saint Spock the Pointy-Eared The United Provinces of Cumberbatch the Hiddlestoners Rebellion Judean People's Front (not to be confused with the People's ...

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