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Yes, some of them use POD for their back-catalogue. Bloomsbury Publishing has launched a digital global publisher, called Bloomsbury Reader, that will sell a back-catalogue of titles in e-book and print-on-demand format. Bloomsbury Reader will sell books that have either never been printed before or haven't been available in print for many years. ...


I would go to smashwords. It is a complete platform where you can publish ebooks. It is even possible to ask money for buying your ebooks, if i am not mistaking.


You might consider Medium.com. Or Wattpad.com. HTH.


How does it influence where and how my book might be seen? It is the first step to get visible to the readers at all. It is the 'genre' of your book. Just look how you yourself by books. In a store the books are 'categorized' by aisles. If you want a book about Microsoft Word you go to the aisle with the sign "Computer". If there is one with the more ...


No it is not necessary to insure your work before sending it. International law will garantee copyright ownership to the author without any formality. This is stated in the Berne convention in article 5.2, and repeated in the main international treaties on copyright. However, it is necessary to be able to prove that you are the author in casesomeone else ...

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