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Adding an idea that seemed to work for me. Write in your usual font (by font I mean "times new roman", " Ariel", etc) Change the format of the whole manuscript to a different font preferably with the following properties: A font you never read in, one that is similar to cursive (handwritten). Also change the line spacing if you need. It seems very ...


As Simon White says, it's a non-issue. If there were only one or two lines on the last page... then it would be a minor issue. You might flag it, but you don't need to change it. The layout person can make a few simple tweaks to pull the extra lines back, or push more lines forward.


You say you are proof-reading, so you are the copy editor? You should concern yourself with the readability of the text, but not the pagination. In any case, if a novel chapter goes 8 lines into the last page, that is fine.

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