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Where to find co-authors Some years ago I was looking for an author (not co-author) to write a webcomic I wanted to draw. I'm in Germany, so I posted on some German forums and websites, but I also published my "ad" in the Comic Books and Graphic Novels subforum of the Absolute Write Water Cooler I quickly deleted the ad in the Absolute Write Water ...


I don't have any experience with cowriting, so take my advice with a grain of salt. But I have two thoughts: First: If you're relatively new to writing (it sounds like you have yet to write your first novel), then I think there's probably a period of self-discovery and learning ahead of you. If your coauthor says "let's do X", but you don't have the ...


I am a writer too (although not published... yet). I use a sight called Wattpad (wattpad.com or wattpad.co.uk). It is a Writing/Reading community where you can communicate with other writers. I find it a very enjoyable website to be apart of. My account name on there is MISThomas.

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