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The best way to revise a manuscript depends on at least three things: firstly, what state the text is in e.g. first draft, rough notes, near publication. Secondly, what type of writer you are e.g. first on paper and then type, only type, organise completely in head before commiting a word to paper. Thirdly, how long do you have e.g. it is due tomorrow, it is ...


Related question at: 2nd Draft- Fix spelling/grammar or plot first? I would say you should definitely start with the macro-issues, the plot/characterization/structure issues that may lead to you re-writing entire chunks of the story. There's no point polishing writing that you're going to end up deleting. After that? I've never gone through an entire ...


Where you want to get to is the text to be consistent with itself. Then you want to have a story that works, at least in terms of gripping the reader and creating enough suspension of disbelieve. All the rest is detail, for later rewrites. You had your blast. Main thing done, getting your thoughts on paper end-to-end. Lotta work left. Have fun!

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