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As an author, there are a number of ways to get your work in front of readers, such as: You can submit your manuscript to a reputable publishing firm You can submit your manuscript to an agent and hope they can place you with a reputable publishing firm You can self-publish (in print) using a service like CreateSpace (Amazon) or Nook Press (Barnes & ...


Most traditional publishers now use POD for their backlists. It's a controversial practice, because some authors and publishers disagree about whether a POD title should be considered "in print" for purposes of determining whether rights revert to the author or not.


Xlibris is not a publisher. They do not consider themselves publishers, but publishing services providers. They do not select manuscripts, but offer publishing services for any author who pays them, indepenent of the quality of their work. They do not make money through sales (as a publisher would, who selects marketable manuscripts and rejects those they ...


Typically when you self-publish, you retain all rights to your manuscript. The printer is just performing a service for you, there is no contract, so you should be able to take everything with you, no questions asked. The only exception would be if --as you seem to indicate --you used an Xlibris template for your cover art, in which case, that would stay ...

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