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No. As others have stated there is no way you can "protect" from copying. But why would anyone bother? I hate to say this but if you're worried about your work being stolen then you are a newbie because only newbies worry about it. And if you're a newbie the chances are your work probably isn't great (sorry but it's true). And as also stated stealing poetry? ...


Truthfully, there's absolutely no incentive for a publisher to steal poems. Most imprints that do poetry do it as a labor of love, there's very little money in poetry. For any genre --although many people when first starting out worry about work being stolen, I've never heard of it actually happening. The only time I would worry is if I was sending to a ...


Send your work in the format which is preferred by the publisher. There is no technical method to protect your work against unauthorized copying. When they can read it, they can transcribe it. But you don't need any protection like that, because your work is automatically protected against unauthorized publication by international copyright laws. When ...


That's a tough one to give a foolproof answer to. However, if I had to give my best possible idea of how one might accomplish this I would suggest checking out the options in Excel. Not sure if that's the answer to your question but it's what I would try. Good luck.

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