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You're being given a prompt, so that will do half the work for you. I think it was J. Michael Straczynski, writer of Bablyon 5, who wrote that one could sum up "conflict" in three questions: What does the character want? What will the character do to get it? What will someone do to stop the character? So you take your prompt (John needs to find a flat ...


Sketch out both (or multiple) ideas as fully-fleshed plots from beginning to end. Get all your separate possibilities down on paper. Put everything aside for a week. Come back to them and re-read them. See if any one jumps out at you. Give your multiple outlines to friends and see if any one is particularly popular. Write a series of short stories playing ...


Choose the plot direction that makes the most sense for your characters. Who are they and what actions make the most sense for them? (Some folks start writing characters and let the plot emerge naturally from their actions.)

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