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Here's a terse summary of Peter Seibel's How to Write a Book blog entry: Step 1 Write the index. Step 2 Write a hierarchical outline. Step 3 Write a flattened outline. And Step 4 Write the book. Seibel has written two technical books and you may take his approach as especially practical for a technical book.


It depends on the kind of book you're writing. Fast-paced, action-packed books tend to leap straight into the thick of things and introduce their characters at the same time (Matthew Reilly kind of books. I know, he's not exactly an avant garde writer, but he is one end of the spectrum when it comes to explosions and many, many exclamation marks). Modern ...


There are LOTS of ways to structure a book. Depending on what you're writing, there may or may not be any expected frameworks. Long-Form Fiction, such as speculative fiction novels, movie scripts, and semi-fanciful "alternate histories" usually progress lineally along one or more character's perspectives along a three-act progression, though more acts are ...

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