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Unlike a work of prose, which has a generally accepted predefined length (be it a short story, novella, novel, etc.) poetry is not governed by such precepts. Poetry is akin to art. A white canvas with a single stroke of paint on it can be a painting, if that is the intention of its creator. A poem can be any number of words, or just one, or even one letter, ...


Since asking the question, I stumbled across another single-letter poem. Poem I was skeptical about accepting such poems as true poems, but this is a rather neat one I have to say: Critique The letter i with the author's own unique thumbprint to complete it. The thumbprint is the most meaningful symbol that can express the meaning of the object it ...


I know. So go. Doesn't that qualify? It rhymes, keeps a meter, and "says" more than it says. That's pretty much my definition of poetry. Not saying it's any good, though. Even more minimal: Hi. Bye. (Wow, that's soooo deep. The minimalism powerfully evokes the impoverishment of social interactions in a technological society, ...


The shortest poems are lighght and by Aram Saroyan.

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