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Passive voice is not exactly incorrect. There is no rule against. But your readers will usually put down a book filled with passive voice. A passive voice sentence is usually extremely boring. Is that what you want? The problem isn't so much passive voice. The problem is really "weak sentences." It just so happens that 90+% of the time that you find a ...


Go with your gut. Quit worrying about voice. Get it down on paper, walk away, come back and revise it, find a beta or pay an editor. Let your reader worry about the passive voice for the first draft. Tell the person to keep an eye out for it, and if your reader comes back with "yeah, this part sounded egregious," you can cut it. You're letting the perfect ...


I despise "his or her." It's so bad, it should be unconstitutional. Randomly switching "his" and "her" from sentence to sentence is almost as bad. If you're making a general statement, and you think exclusively using "his" is sexist, then use the plural. Fighters fight for the pleasure of the spectator, against their own safety.


Forget any rules you've heard about passive voice! Instead, learn exactly what is happening when you use a passive voice, and use it well. How do you learn? Through close reading! A good writer is able to predict the range of inferences stirred up in a reader by her sentences. Here's an example: The officer hit Jeff. --VS-- Jeff was hit by the officer. ...


Change something else in the sentence. A fighter is someone who fights for the pleasure of spectators, against his or her own safety. A fighter is someone who fights for the pleasure of the audience, against his or her own safety.

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