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I'd guess the deadline pressure is blanking your mind. What I would do is this: You have everything in your mind. So stop thinking on it. It's time to live the story. Pick any scene or character or phrase that you feel anything about and take a day to write down the whole story from there. Allow yourself to daydream your tale and explore what it means for ...


By no means is it super intense, but Scapple is a very streamlined graphing/charting/mind mapping application. IMO faster to use than anything similar. As a bonus it's by the developers of Scrivener so there's some compatibility there. http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scapple.php


An outline or summary is planning. As is character profiles, event lists, setting notes, language notes, maps, roleplaying, and anything else you do understand the story before you write it. How much planning is needed varies from none at all to months of planning for hours of writing. Some factors that affect how much planning is needed are length, ...


It is best to do what works best for you (and you will have to try). People (and writers) are different, and what works for one need not work for another. If you find that what you write without plan is reasonably well structured and without disabling plot holes that make rewriting and cleaning up a nightmare there is no reason why you should insert an ...

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