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A and B meet. A and B fall in love. Optional: A and B enjoy snugglebunnies. Obstacle gets between A and B. A and/or B overcome obstacle. Omnia vincit amor. (since it was requested that I turn this into an answer)


If your needs are basic: 1) low cost 2) collection of documents 3) links between them Then it sounds like simple HTML files could do the trick. But if you want more, you could consider storing documents in something like Google Docs. You can add links to other Google docs within a document and Google Docs keeps track of revisions made. It also has basic ...


Apples own Numbers app is what you looking for, it's excel injected with desktop publishing steroids. Else there is omnioutliner one of the best there is for this exact requirement...


Developing a book or a screenplay both begin in much the same way: plot and characters. The formatting and presentation of both once written couldn't be more different. Books are usually written in paragraphs and chapters, where screenplays adhere to strict formatting rules and are always in present tense. There's no right or wrong way to start writing a ...

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