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Try to experience a similar event, or remember when you experienced something like it. Perhaps you fell out of a tree or fell off a swing. Or close your eyes and imagine falling. You can also read about falling. Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses begins with a fall from an airplane. Who's falling? The character with POV or is the POV-character watching ...


I have written a scene similar to this. My MC fell of a building :/. Anyway, if they can, have them try to hang on and struggle to get up. Eventually, unless the character is really determined, have them accept they are falling off a cliff and are about to die. Hope this helped!


There is very little details given here. It also sounds like you are trying to get someone to write it for you because you say so little about it. To answer your question with what you gave: Write it as if it was you falling off the cliff, or you witnessing someone else fall off. (unaware of the POV you are going for). What you are feeling, hearing, thoughts,...

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