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Yes, it is possible to get an English language book published in Mexico or any non-native language book published in foreign countries. I've listed two ways you could go below. Find yourself a literary agent. A literary agent will handle all the work for you in reaching out to publishers and negotiating international rights. I did some googling and found ...


What you might be able to do locally, and this might be really fun -- would be to serialize your work in a local English newspaper or magazine. Think of Dickens!


Typically, it's difficult to publish in one country using the language of another. Even in the U.S., where there is an ever-growing increase in Spanish-speaking persons, it's difficult to find a publisher for Spanish language books. If you live in Mexico, reach out to U.S. (or even Canadian) publishing houses with your manuscript. You're more likely to ...


As I am not in mexico, I will look at this from a slightly more abstract position. First to note In my hometown I only know of one publisher, but my dad retired from that after publishing only one book. Chances are that you will not find a publisher in your home town. Most of the ones I know of are based in New York. Let's try another question, what are ...

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