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Check out Author Earnings. There are lots of debates about the collection, meaning, and significance of the data, but there's plenty of data.


It's very difficult to have hard answers for questions like this because there are way too many variables. "Traditional" publishing is not a monolith - there's a lot of difference between publishing with the Big 5 and publishing with a small e-publisher, and a lot of difference between publishing with a reputable, established e-publisher and a fly-by-night ...


This Anwer was originally part of "I am an unestablished author with a decent book. Should I publish online, or try to find a 'real' publisher?", then was asked as a Q and was shut down till re- editing it as a Q and A. These following numbers are broadly inaccurate; they are here to get a general idea. Some SE members strongly disagree of ...

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