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I think the kind of writing that has the highest chance of making money is filling out an application form for a job at a fast food place. :-)


Software programming. By far, it offers the greatest combination of income and flexibility. Full-time employment should be your highest priority. Financial stress can induce creative stress. Successful authors who didn't have a full-time job (or other financial support) when they began making significant income from publishing are rare. Mythic rare. Good ...


on guru.com there is always a bunch of people paying (not very much) for ghost writing, this is a way to sharpen your writing skills and make a little money on the side.


Im not so sure your issue is with the content of your paragraph, people generally only donate money to causes they believe in, your interest in buying gadgets to help in your education is admirable, but you have to look from the users perspective. What are they getting out of it. When people donate to cancer research or homes for retired seeing eye dogs, ...

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