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The only reason to use figure titles if they already have a caption is to refer to multiple figures throughout the text, particularly if each one has multiple panels. If so, they should merely say Fig. 1 A, for example. Take a look at any scientific article for examples of this, here's one for starters. As for your example, I don't think you really need ...


Novellas and short stories don't sell well. Even short story collections with big names don't sell well. That is why publishing houses don't look out for novellas and short stories. But: this novella might be a good exercise and might help you grow as a writer it might be a perfect marketing instrument. As you said: a sample work. there might be another ...


A novella may do better as a self-pub or a e-book than a trade paperback. Or you could write a few novellas and combine them into one larger format, like Stephen King did with Different Seasons. No way to tell until it's written and edited and you start shopping it around to agents, who will give you more market-relevant feedback.


Yes, you can. For example, the time I published my first book I already had a number of people willing to buy my book and who weren't related to me or weren't close friends of mine. It was a non-fiction book for a small niche and I was already known in that niche. I participated in forum discussions, used a common IRC channel, I blogged and commented on ...

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