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There's little to gain and much to lose by responding directly to online comments. For one thing, you have to be extraordinarily disciplined to avoid responding emotionally to criticism. For another, there are large pools of people who have raised to an artform the skill of drawing people into arguments (and goading them into making unwise responses they ...


The best thing to do with the critism is to not attract yourself. There will be some who like your pieces and there will be those who don't. As for your question, if you are expected to engage in online discussion, I say: make the choice for yourself. If you want to engage in a online discussion then it has to be your own decision.


There's no single standard about this. Whether you engage your readers is up to you, in some cases up to your editor at the publication in question (or perhaps their policies). Barring that kind of guidance, here are the pros and cons of reading the comments and replying to them: Joining the discussion can make you part of the community. This can create ...

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