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(picture can be found here: dLSoft) 978-3-16-148410-0 is the ISBN (number). The vertical strokes below that number are the barcode (which represents the number above).


CreateSpace ISBNs are real, legitimate ISBNs. You can use them to distribute your book anywhere in the world. The key limitation is this: If your book has a CreateSpace ISBN, you must buy your copies from CreateSpace. That is, you can't use another printer to print books with an ISBN you got from CreateSpace. You can find the "details" here: ...


ISBN or International Standard Book Number is a unique number assigned to a book. It is issued by a central ISBN agency in your country. In USA, you can obtain your ISBN numbers from the Bowker Agency. So the basic difference between 2 is just of the form. As ISBN is just a Number and ISBN Barcode is a Barcode. ISBN Barcode is a unique commercial book ...


I agree with what the commenters have already said (and think some of them should be turned into answers), so assume this is building upon their replies. As they said, you usually only have one ISBN per book, only changing ISBNs if something substantial changes about the book. If the publisher changes, if the size changes, or if it changes from hardcover to ...


You should check into the requirements to get an ISBN in your own country. In many countries you can get one for free, which will then be your own that you can use as you like. For my first book, the publisher gave me an ISBN of theirs. For my second book, I bought a block of 10 ISBNs from Bowkers, the American distributor of ISBNs. I think it cost me $250 ...


Please note that the "N" in "ISBN" stands for "number", so "ISBN number" actually means "international standard book number number". If you look at the structure of an ISBN you will note that it is made up of parts that identify, in this order, the country, the publisher and the publication. Actual terminology is different, but for this explanation these ...


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