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(picture can be found here: dLSoft) 978-3-16-148410-0 is the ISBN (number). The vertical strokes below that number are the barcode (which represents the number above).


ISBN or International Standard Book Number is a unique number assigned to a book. It is issued by a central ISBN agency in your country. In USA, you can obtain your ISBN numbers from the Bowker Agency. So the basic difference between 2 is just of the form. As ISBN is just a Number and ISBN Barcode is a Barcode. ISBN Barcode is a unique commercial book ...


I agree with what the commenters have already said (and think some of them should be turned into answers), so assume this is building upon their replies. As they said, you usually only have one ISBN per book, only changing ISBNs if something substantial changes about the book. If the publisher changes, if the size changes, or if it changes from hardcover to ...


Click the button next to "Ids" in the middle column of the "Edit Metadata" dialog:

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