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If you're looking for a book on writing comics and graphic novels, this is the one to get: The Working Writer's Guide to Comics and Graphic Novels


It depends. I met unfortunately quite some aspiring authors who tried to make up for the lack of story quality by adding graphics or illustrations. In the end, neither the story nor the illustrations achieved a professional standard. But: there are some incredibly talented people, for example, Jenny Dolfen, nicknamed "Gold-Seven" on Deviantart who ...


But why is it ‘harder’ to sell a book if you submit both text and illustrations? Why isn’t it more of a ‘can’t hurt, might help’ sort of scenario? It's a common misconception that editors/agents 'need to see' the pictures to 'get' the story. Actually, good editors can bring a lot of imagination to what's possible based on their years of exposure and ...


In my experience, most author/illustrators need to first establish themselves as either an author or as an illustrator, and then move towards doing both. The reason is that publishers like to pair a known quantity with a beginner, a big name with an unknown. Once they know you can sell, or have developed a following, then you can pitch yourself as being ...

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