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It is not strictly correct but it is probably correct enough for common usage. Ask yourself a few questions to determine how grammatical it is. For example: Can Everybody really be in Standardized Aptitude Test? No. The test is a specific thing that doesn't contain people. However, if it is commonly known among the people who are being spoken to that ...


Another possibility is to write absolutely nothing more because your character is dead and consider what you would have wanted to add as the beginning of your next book.


I had this question a while ago and I guess there are 2 good ways to do it. 1) In [insert very popular YA book here], the [number] book of the series is written in 2 POV's, unlike the rest of the series. So when [main character that I was actually glad died b/c I was trying to prove a point to my friend] died, the other character narrated. 2) Newspaper ...

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