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In a play the gender role that matters most is the 'characters' because they are conveying or telling the story to the audience to understand. In fact some actors are not too good for a specific character so you get someone who suits that character you want. Thank you.


If the author is good the language used, the syntax, and the way situations are approached should reflect the narrator's background. The “Voice” is distinctive for every one, and should be directly related to gender, age, culture and experiences. "Other than the point of view of the narrator, how does the gender and age of a narrator affect the ...


In my opinion, it is heavily dependent on the story in question. Most of the times I've read books narrated by a female, young or otherwise, they seem to take on the role of a memoir - not so much a way of taking me to a whole new world, but rather allow me to relate to the person telling the story. I'm recalling the book "The Girl Who Owned a City". Even ...

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