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If you do hire the editor, I wouldn't mention it to your prospective publishers. There are probably some who don't care, but to some it's seen as a bit of an amateur move - the general theory is that an author should be able to get their work to a high enough level to attract a publisher on their own, and then work with the publisher's editor. There's also ...


I'm also a big FOSS supporter, and I detest using Microsoft products for many reasons. That said, here's a fairly hardnosed take on the subject, from Charles Stross, a very successful author and sound thinker - who is also a FOSS advocate: Why Microsoft Word Must Die MS made what seems like an intensely stupid engineering decision about visual formatting:...


I think I'll second @KateS on a lot of what she says. I don't know if hiring an editor for submission or querying is beneficial. And even if your friend wouldn't charge you much, Kate's also right in that you shouldn't put that forward in any of your query submissions. As an alternative to potentially going into debt on the book before submission, maybe you ...


I don't know what publishers like and don't like, but when you submit work, it should be as clean as it can be. So absolutely edit it many times yourself, have your readers and your writing group edit it, hire an editor. I can't imagine a publisher would care who edited your manuscript, as long as it's edited well.


Because you posted this question in the Writers Stack Exchange, and the company promotes/recommends activities, it seems likely that the internship involves writing. As an intern, you will shine if you accomplish the following: Take the initiative to research information, solve problems, and find answers to questions. Listen well to instructions, and ...


A good possible place to start is this article at where they discuss how much a corporation should reasonably spend for search engine optimization. The general timing there (if you do the math) seems to be somewhere between 7 hours on the low end and 16 hours on the high end.

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