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For a thesis report, different academic citation systems have different styles. I am more familiar with MLA style rather than Chicago, which someone has already discussed. MLA asks that every paragraph is indented and that there are no extra lines separating paragraphs. The only exception I know of to this rule is if you have a multi-line paragraph quote ...


Honestly, like many said, you should indent the first line, especially if you live in USA. In Portugal, for example, we didn't indent the first line of the first paragraph.


If your example is part of narration in a story, you have it written exactly right. There's no need for the acronym. "aka" the acronym originally came from law enforcement when describing someone's alias. It happens to be useful enough that it's migrated out of jargon into non-LEO usage, but you wouldn't use that acronym in running prose any more than you ...


I think that this question also relates to writing as Alexandro is asking how to write it - he has just simply used the wrong wording and the question does, in fact, refer to how to write something (whether or not it mentions formatting does not exclude the fact that Alexandro is asking about how to write it). I have modified the question to reflect this. ...

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