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According to page two of this guide, it is acceptable to put the references at the end. Using my previous example. Mrs. Miller lives a lonely life, having “no friends to speak of” , “narrow” interests and rarely travelling “farther than the corner grocery” (Capote 2).


Most publishers use InDesign for the text block and Photoshop for the cover, and there are a variety of these files stored on the relevant staff members' computers. The closest you get to the "master copy" would be the most recent version of the work provided by the writer that has been through the editing process and contains the most up-to-date edits ...


Is there none that can supply some "trade" information regarding the methods, file formats etc - of modern books / manuscripts? I expect, if the graphics was ever available as such - or designed so by the publisher - they would be stored as vector graphics, unrendered or uncompressed original formats. Complex images though, aren't impossible to do by vector ...

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