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The best approach is to query the agent first and ask them what their preference is. It is unlikely that they all have the same policy. Asking them first shows them that you are aware of the issue and willing to adjust if required. That shows professionalism, which counts for a lot with agents.


These are two different "form factors" in my involving the cognitive science of "reading" the other in the expression of an image to produce an emotional reaction. Obviously this is all up to the creators discretion in both instances but to "end a scene" as it were I would ask "to what effect?" Is the purpose to end the entire artistic enterprise? ...


It's ultimately up to you, but genre and pacing may influence where you place your chapter breaks. A chapter can be as short as a sentence or it can be several thousand words long. Shorter chapters will make your novel seem more fast-paced. Thrillers frequently end chapters on a cliff-hanger to encourage you to keep reading. A long fantasy novel, on the ...


Haven't done this lately and I don't have Word on this machine, so this may not be 100% accurate, but: Insert a section break (new page) at the point where the numbering should change. Go into headers/footers. Insert a field for page numbers where you want it in the first section, formatted as Roman numerals. Go to the next section (there's a button ...

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