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The subdivisions of a chapter, signified by an asterism (⁂), dinkus (* * *), or extra space, are called sections.


If you indent paragraphs, every paragraph gets indented, period. It doesn't matter if that paragraph is a single word of dialogue, a page-long rant, or four pages of stream-of-consciousness. So:     "Hello."     "Hi."     They were sitting on the bench, feet naked against the ground, ...


Why? Is that extra bit of space needed for something? My advice is to stick with the generally accepted four digit year. While resume styles evolve, this is not the place for you to push the envelope. You want the reader to have no objections to your resume to start getting into their heads.


While this is, indeed, an endnote as noted by others, the part in parenthesis IS a citation. It seems to follow Chicago's endnote style: (City: Publisher, Year.) It's not pure Chicago because it doesn't include the author's name and book title in the standard format, but to me it looks like it was influenced by Chicago's style, adapted for use in the ...


You sound like you are concerned with the quality of materials and other elements of a professional, polished presentation. Why not hire a book designer? A book designer can guide you to printers that can produce the kind of books you are looking for. Quantity has a bearing on what materials are available for your book. For instance, if you are printing ...

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