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There are usually deeper reasons about why you get stuck writing a story. It could be that there just isn't enough tension (conflict) in the story to begin with. For example, can you imagine someone telling you a story that goes like this: My friend George was free climbing a cliff the other day. It's a terrible story that ended tragically. At one ...


Just skip to the next plot point and write that. Chances are that later on you'll think of a way to bridge the two, and then you can come back and fill in the details when that happens. I would guess that very few writers proceed sequentially through an entire work. It's good to jump around when you're finding yourself stuck; there's no point in stagnating ...


Do you have some other parts of the story worked out? I would just jump ahead for now and write the next scene that you "know". Then, before you know it, you can fill the gap.


Tell the reader only those parts of the history that affect this story. The parts that the characters think about or talk about during the course of the story. The parts that the characters have opinions and attitudes about during the course of the story. The parts that affect and constrain and compel the characters' decisions and actions. Leave the other ...

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