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Get yourself a deadline. Contests are very good at providing deadlines. A lot of contests for fiction and poetry are listed in Poets & Writers.


There are only two motivations: pain pleasure The only difference between the two motivations is what your mind makes of circumstances. In other words, one person thinks writing is pain another thinks it is pleasure. Dopamine Release : Science Behind Motivation Modern neuroscientists have discovered that basically anything you associate with pleasure ...


Man up, chief. Stop looking for excuses. Sit down and finish the damn thing already. Really, that's all there is to it. Turn off the phone, disconnect the Internet, reprogram the TV with a shovel, sit down at the desk, and finish the damn story.


For a while, try writing shorter stories that you can finish before your motivation wanes. Also, try to distinguish between: losing motivation fear of finishing Writers often fear finishing a story because finishing means: now they gotta think up a new story idea now they gotta show people their story, and that scares the pajamas off of them It ...


Create a Schedule Share your schedule Build slop time in to your schedule Be honest with yourself when making your schedule Set realistic goals, not too crazy or challenging, nor too easy. Save the editing for later, do the writing now Do it every day, even if it's just 5 minutes.

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