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I think a good way you could find an answer to your question about whether or not the class would be valuable is by reading a specific book on screenwriting. The book is called, How To Write A Movie In 21 Days, by Viki King -- amazon link It's very short at only 208 pages and you may save $4,000 by reading it. It is one of the best writing books, and ...


Okay, you actually asked three different questions here, so let's break each one down. Are these online course certificates actually recognized by producers, agents, directors, etc., or will having this on your resume make no difference at all? To be quite honest, when it comes to selling a screenplay, you are probably going to start with ...


Study the great copywriters. David Ogilvy. Bill Bernbach. Scott Bywater. Jack Trout. Maria Veloso. Herschell Gordon Lewis. Check Amazon for the list. tinyurl.com/n7tfjjm I hope that helps you. BM


College education in creative areas is for the most part a way for unsuccessful non-artists – that is: illustrators whom no one hires, writers whose books don't sell to support them, screen writers who don't sell scripts – to earn a living. There are some teachers who are also successful in their field, so check who will be teaching you. (Make sure they ...

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