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The code is already a form of documentation of what the system does. That is rather much the point of high level language code, to ease the understanding of systems for human readers of it. This is a hint to a solution. Ask yourself, "who is the documentation for?" Is it for programmers to communicate to other programmers within your organization? Then do ...


This is a hard problem. Unless your company has the resources to do full reviews of all the documentation on each release -- and if they do, I wonder how they stay competitive -- then you are at risk here. In my experience you can do some things to address the problem when it happens, and some things to reduce its chance of occurring. Here are techniques ...


Used as a title: "One-on-One Assistance".


Yes. When an editor rejects a story, you can revise it and submit it somewhere else. You can also submit it to another editor without revising it. Editors are human, and have individual tastes. And their slush readers are humans with individual tastes. One editor or reader may hate a story, and another love it. Further, editors tastes differ from yours, ...

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