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I too would recommend italics. Also, I'd avoiding single quotes as I find things can get a bit confusing if there are apostrophes in the material.


It's usually just a matter of style. I'd use italics, but it honestly doesn't matter (but you shouldn't use single quotation marks like that in the US, that's normally done in Britain). One example I have is with thoughts. Some use italics, some use quotes, and some write it like: I hate this, thought Bob. It's all just a matter of style.

0 is more for writers and mutual critiquing, but there are forums where you might mention that you are looking to do edits. This wouldn't work for paid gigs, I believe, because I don't think that's allowed on the site, but, if you were willing to do freebies or an exchange of work (to maybe get a feel for editing vs critiquing) it would be a ...


There's a few sites where you can offer your services. Check out and I've worked with several editors on Upwork before. Also look for local writers groups. Although, that would be more for practice then for contract work. A good resource for finding local groups is


I believe that many if not all of the small literary magazines are edited by volunteers. How those volunteers are selected I am not so sure, but I would begin by scouring their websites looking for any call for volunteers. Failing that, write to them and ask. Now I would imagine that they will have the same criteria for editing for them as they do for ...

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