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If you really think someone is going to use your book as a how-to, then write a preface which is a single large, comprehensive disclaimer. Put all the "don't do this at home" copy there, and if it's an e-book, throw in the occasional link back to it. (Also, don't publish genuine secrets, and you may want to have the number of a good lawyer on hand as a ...


A disclaimer will do nothing to legally protect you. To be indicted as an accessory to a crime as a writer, the prosecution has to prove the following: (1) You either knew of the planned crime, or had a reasonable expectation that a particular crime would be committed (2) Your assistance was critical to the commission of the crime In general, you will ...


Here's the deal with Kindle images. The bigger, the better -- up to the max size (in bytes 5Mb) The largest Height x Width possible so users can zoom in. Why do I say this? Because the Kindle Reader now allows the reader to click the image and then zoom in on it. That means you want the image to have a high resolution so the user can click on the image ...


Click the button next to "Ids" in the middle column of the "Edit Metadata" dialog:


In the U.S. the real name is available from either the copyright office or Amazon in a legal dispute. Using a publishing name doesn't change that. Also, here only the account number is used for direct deposit.

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