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I find it is best to make your writing part of your daily routine the same as you would taking out the garbage, doing the dishes, perhaps even going to work. Simply delegate a time of day that you will sit down and shut everything out.


I was struggling /stuck on my first book when I found inspiration - it came from this movie "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" Based on a true story - this is about the editor of Elle magazine who is paralyzed in a car accident. But despite all that, he writes a book. It's amazing / true determination + one of the most inspiring movies I have watched. Now, ...


One way to help yourself develop a writing schedule is to write down everything you do, what time you start and finish, and then finding the gaps in those times. When you see how much "dead" or unused time you have, you can locate the common places and set up a schedule. Actually doing the writing? Well, I agree with Illyena's answer: You just have to do ...


The only real answer here is just doing it. no excuses no rationalizations, no ill write twice as much tomorrow, for 30 days find the most convenient time during your day that you are not going to get interrupted, then spend the first 5-15 minutes getting into the right mindset, read your last paragraph or your outline, fill your mind with your characters ...

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