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You could first ask the Author so that he doesn't has any problem or if a book is an old one from Shakespeare or something you use it. Before taking that character as any comparison check the popularity of the book you are taking the character from or if you want to simply copy the ideas you have do as I said in the beginning


The set of licences that are creative commons allow for copying and distribution of the works, as long as some restrictions are met. These restrictions are represented by two-letter acronyms, that are added to CC, for example CC-BY-SA (the license Wikipedia uses). The meaning of the acronyms are: BY: Attribution - Credit the creator(s) NC: Non commercial ...


This answer is tangential because it is about U.S. law and not Brazilian law, but maybe it will be helpful. You can get an exhaustive list of court cases on U.S. "fair use" law here: http://copyright.gov/fair-use/fair-index.html I browsed through them trying to find something directly relevant, but I was rather surprised to find that I couldn't find quite ...


So, is a re-written or strongly edited work an original one? Almost certainly not. The reason publishers care about first rights is that very few people are going to buy a book they've already read. By putting something on the Internet, you're effectively exercising your worldwide first rights -- anyone anywhere can read it, after all. There can be ...


In The US this would be obvious fair use (even for commercial use), but this does not matter as you are in Brazil. There is a long history in international law that the copyright law of where you are not the copyright law that the original was produced under applies. Fair Use and Fair Dealing do not apply everywhere, and if I remember correctly Brazil has no ...


Yes it is. One you publish it you cant "update" the book per say. But you can make an updated edition. For example a v2 if you will. Republishing something technically means its a new book . Hope this helps.

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