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Thank you all so much this was super helpful! :)


I could be wrong, but I wonder what you could possibly know, unless you worked for them, that a government, etc. would get upset about you publishing. If it is public knowledge it is exactly that. Anthony Horowitz published a book where everyone given a particular injection would be killed when a radio transmitter was turned on activating the ingredients of ...


If the item is a legitimate experiment from the military and it's not public knowledge (e.g. you have security clearances with access to that info), I would most definitely ask a lawyer, but my gut says no. If it is public knowledge, then pretty much anything is fair game, especially if you're writing fiction. Though to ease your mind, you may still want to ...


As well as being a writer, I am a graphic designer and sign maker. I photograph the signs I make and include those photos and also images of logos I have designed, in my advertising materials: Web site, pamphlets, catalogue, and signs. In that regard, if I have read your question properly, I am doing much the same as you. Unless you have assigned the ...

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