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The largest communities I found are Storymash and Protagonize. The Wikipedia article on collaborative fiction mentions some other sites, too.


You could start your own wiki - if you need hosting, there are plenty of resources available for cheap/free wiki hosting (PBWorks comes to mind.); you could use any of the browser-based shared document editing tools (Google Docs, Zimbra, Zoho); collaborative editing software (see this Wikipedia article for some examples).


I would suggest that you check out the Kindleboards community. They are very receptive, highly supportive, and willing to respond to any kind of question, regardless of how it is worded. You may find a lot of cheering going on as well, but then it is more about community and less about just asking questions. Another suggestion, if you happen to have a ...


As a writer, I can't think of anything more damaging - especially for young writers - than to be inundated with editorial contributions from others. The editorial process is a one-to-one correspondence in which the relationship between the writer and the editor is paramount in terms of calibrating the importance of the feedback. The idea that the feedback ...


There is StoryTimed, and Protagonize both of which my sister recommends, which are the closest sites I could find to what your looking for.


There are a few floating around that are at least semi-active and usually have a few people in them. I'll list two that I've found helpful: #allnightwriters on snoonet stems from the subreddit with the same name. #shutupandwrite on snoonet is a personal favorite. There are many others that are more genre-specific, you just have to search a bit.


From a quick read of the website I can see that members can pay a subscription for additional services, so they do make money. All Poetry is a legal entity, so it's that entity that makes the money. Their Ts&Cs state that you retain ownership of all content, they gain a non-exclusive license to publish your content on their site. Ownership of ...


All German language forums for writers as well as most forums for fans and writers of specific literary genres have subforums where you can post your own work and receive critique. Use any search engine and search for either "Schriftsteller Forum" or "[your genre] Forum" (e.g. "Fantasy Forum"). A few examples: ...

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