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The largest communities I found are Storymash and Protagonize. The Wikipedia article on collaborative fiction mentions some other sites, too.


You could start your own wiki - if you need hosting, there are plenty of resources available for cheap/free wiki hosting (PBWorks comes to mind.); you could use any of the browser-based shared document editing tools (Google Docs, Zimbra, Zoho); collaborative editing software (see this Wikipedia article for some examples).


I would suggest that you check out the Kindleboards community. They are very receptive, highly supportive, and willing to respond to any kind of question, regardless of how it is worded. You may find a lot of cheering going on as well, but then it is more about community and less about just asking questions. Another suggestion, if you happen to have a ...


There is StoryTimed, and Protagonize both of which my sister recommends, which are the closest sites I could find to what your looking for.

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