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This is widely accepted, a rather common "flavor". Yes, there are legal implications, unless you use public domain works or made-up citations. In case of citations from works still covered by copyright, such use is not covered by Fair Use clause (unless you're parodying the content of the citation in in the following chapter, or referring to it by some ...


My suggestion is to divide your bibliography in two sections: the first section can be titled, for example, Cited works (or something similar); the second one can be titled Further references. At the beginning of the Further references section you should add a brief text explaining which kind of references you have included in this section and why.


Since you don't have a bunch of "sources of sources" -- just this one -- you have three easy ways to remain honest and give due credit. Find a way to cite the notes directly as a reference, preferably before you cite anything you were led to by the notes. Directly quoting something is not a prerequisite for citing it as a reference. As you suggested, ...

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